Visible Light Communications devices for vehicle communications

Firefly Wireless Networks has patents issued for motor vehicle communications and charging systems utilizing optical technologies. Current data communications between, for example, electric/hybrid vehicles typically utilize a wired connection in conjunction with the charging cable. Firefly's approach uses Visible Light Communications or infrared light to communicate between base or charging stations and vehicles with high data rates and without wires.

Benefits of optical communications within and between vehicles:

  • Wireless and automatic data transfer between base station/charging stations and vehicle (multi-media content, charging/operational information, integration with home networking/control systems, etc.).
  • V2V (vehicle to vehicle) communications (safety information, proximity/location data).
  • Inside-vehicle communication between devices, without using wires or optical cables, to reduce vehicle weight and costs.
  • V2R communications (vehicle to roadside)

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✓ Patent issued.

○ Research, Engineering, and Development stage.

○ Testing needed.

○ Strategic partners wanted in vehicle manufacturing,      automotive electronics, charging station                        manufacturers, and vehicle battery manufacturing.

○ Pending FCC and other regulatory approvals.

Note: Tesla is not a trademark of FireFly Wireless Networks. Picture is shown as an illustration of connectivity between a vehicle and a charging/base station.