Machine to Machine (M2M) Industrial SecureLink

Visible Light Communications is ideal for many applications requiring devices to communicate with each other, such as in manufacturing facilities. Factories with robots or mobile, Automatic Guided Carts (AGC), can use VLC devices to communicate reliably and without radio frequency/spectrum congestion, or interference.

FireFly's Visible Light Communications technology can be deployed in environments in which the location of equipment is essential to the communication required and timing (e.g., motion control and industrial automation). FireFly can customize VLC solutions for M2M communications. 

  • Enables low cost M2M communications, even in a mobile environment
  • VLC eliminates radio frequency congestion and interference issues
  • Point to point and point to multipoint operation
  • Multiple LED options (Red, green, blue, infrared)
  • Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM)
  • Multiple interface and powering options
  • Security
  • 128-bit AES CCMP encryption
  • End-to-End encryption via  pairwise keys
  • Strict authentication rules
  • QoS support (8 levels of packet prioritization)
  • High data rates
  • 200+ Mbps (visible)
  • 700+ Mbps (infrared)

m2m securelink


✓ Engineering/design complete for some M2M           applications (prototypes available).

✓ Testing complete for some M2M applications.

​○ Sampling to selected customers/partners now.

○ Additional Engineering/Design work needed for    specialty or custom VLC M2M applications.

○ Strategic partners in factory automation               and manufacturing technologies wanted.

○ Pending FCC approval.