Heinz Willebrand, CEO
Dr. Heinz A. Willebrand is a recognized pioneer in wireless bridge technologies, including Free Space Optics (lasers), Visual Light Communications, and Radio Frequency backhaul products. Heinz is an inductee into EE Times list of "Forty Innovators Building the Foundation of the Next-Gen Electronics Industry." Heinz also founded LightPointe Communications, Inc. in 1998, the leader in long range point to point wireless bridges. He serves both as CEO of LightPointe and CEO of Firefly. Heinz obtained his Ph.D in Applied Physics at the University of Muenster/Germany and has held research and teaching positions with the University of Muenster and the University of Colorado in Boulder. He holds more than 10 national and international patents on fiber-optics and wireless technologies. Heinz has published more than 70 articles in technology and business journals and co-authored the book, "Free-Space Optics: Enabling Optical Connectivity in Today's Networks," the first comprehensive body of work that explores the physics and development of FSO and examines the technology's applications for public and private telecommunications networks.


Andreas Bluschke, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Andreas Bluschke guides the Research and Development of FireFly's Visible Light Communications products. Andreas also founded Teleconnect GmbH in Dresden, Germany in 1990, serving as its Managing Director. He serves as both Managing Director of Teleconnect and Chief Technical Officer of Firefly. Andreas is a renown expert in the area of Visual Light Communications, leading evolution from copper and radio frequency data communications to transmission using light (LiFi). Previously, Andreas co-founded Infotope Information and communication Technologies GmbH and served in the research departmetns for Zentrum für Forschung und Technologie der Nachrichtentechnik (ZFTN), and Hochschule für Verkehrswesen. Andreas has numerous patents in the areas of data communications, home network technologies, and vehicle charging and communication systems.


Todd Easterling V.I. Technology Ventures and Marketing

Todd works closely with FireFly in the areas of corporate development, partnerships, product development, marketing, web presence, PR, IR, research, and strategy. Todd and V.I. Technology Ventures has also assisted LightPointe Communications, Inc., part owner of FireFly, since 2011, helping to grow the company into the leader in long range point to point wireless backhaul. Todd began his career as a Product Analyst/Product Manager at General Instrument VideoCipher Division in 1987, where he served on the team which invented and marketed the world's first digital television/HDTV system and set the FCC standard for HDTV. Todd subsequently gained experience in vice president roles at companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 in the satellite, cable, and wireless sector, and as CEO and co-founder of AirCam Video Technologies. In addition, he has worked with leading Ad/branding Agencies and Deloitte in the areas of executive coaching, organizational psychology, e-commerce/web use, strategy development, turn-around execution, M and A, fund raising, crisis management/PR, and hands-on and affordable tactical marketing with emphasis on helping companies become leaders in creativity, innovation, and profitability. Todd graduated from SDSU and later studied marketing and business strategy (MIT Executive MBA program), and is a published author.