Visible Light Communications can connect consumer electronics without wires, at extremely high data rates, without RF interference or congestion concerns—and at far lower cost than WiFi or other radio methods.

The proliferation of smartphones, fitness monitors, digital camcorders, headphones, smart TVs, laptops, tablets, and other consumer electronics has created a need to transfer data between devices and cloud storage seamlessly, cost effectively, and at the highest data rates possible. VLC technology can fill this need and provide higher security to protect sensitive data. And since many consumer electronics devices already have LED technology integrated into their user interface, implementing VLC connectivity is inexpensive and easy to deploy. In fact, even the LCD/LED screens, and cameras/sensors many consumer electronics have can be used for VLC connectivity.


Connecting to a printer with VLC technology faster and simpler than other wired or wireless methods, and more secure

Wireless headphones can use VLC

Camcorders can seamlessly connect with Visible Light Communications, avoiding WiFi interference and congestion, as well as complicated network configurations

consumer electronics

Smartphone screens, LEDs, and 

cameras can be used for VLC connectivity