Aircraft use miles of wiring which adds to weight and system complexity. Shown above is the media/video system for a Boeing 777. Visible Light Communications can simplify such systems and reduce aircraft weight, while improving reliability and safety.


Airlines can deploy VLC and LiFi technology for delivery of broadband and media content on aircraft—to increase data rates, eliminate wiring, reduce weight, and eliminate the risk of RF interference with avionics

In addition to providing internet access to passengers on on board, Airlines now deliver movies, games, and other content to passenger screens, which typically use large amounts of wiring. Not only is the initial installation of such wiring expensive, it also adds weight to aircraft, which impacts fuel economy and flight range for years. Visible Light Communications and invisible light communications can address this by providing faster transmission speeds, less wiring and equipment, and also improve safety by avoiding the use of potentially disruptive RF interference on critical aircraft control systems.

Aircraft wiring layout/design example used to assist manufacturing personnel (simplified and reduced for clarity).  Visible Light Communications could reduce such complexity for media/video/internet applications.