Outdoor and longer range

indoor LiFi solutions

(5G LTE Small Cell, Security Camera Backhaul, Point to Point Enterprise Connectivity)

Indoor LiFi solutions



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NEWS: Firefly demonstrated VLC / LiFi at the

IEEE 5G Summit September 19th, 2017

(Industry 4.0 applications) 


LiFi Information

Firefly Wireless Networks LLC

FireFly LiFi (Firefly Wireless Networks LLC) is the leader in Visible Light Communications (VLC), also known as LiFi, and Infrared Light Communications (ILC). VLC products utilize light to transmit data, providing lower cost and more security than WiFi or other radio frequency communications technologies—while avoiding RF interference and congestion issues.

FireFly operated in "stealth mode" for nearly two years, developing, patenting, and testing the world's most advanced VLC and optical technologies for indoor and outdoor 5G LTE small cell connectivity, and WiFi backhaul. Firefly has developed, tested, and has operational products now, which are shipping. Partner opportunities exist across multiple industries and sales channels, including private label/OEM, distributor/retail, and custom design integration with other technology or equipment providers.